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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: [action2] Free HostedQA account available
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 16:59:04 GMT
On 8/2/06, Patrick Lightbody <> wrote:

> I don't see the "selenium" profile in the Struts 2 poms - is this a 1.x thing for now?

Shale, actually. :)  But it's the mailreader app, so they should work
for 1.x also:
and just a couple of simple tests:

> HostedQA doesn't need Selenium Core to be packaged in the webapp. It also can import
HTML files used by Selenium Core (and generated by Selenium IDE), but it stores them on the
server in its own custom format. If you think it is necessary to store tests in SVN with the
code, we should talk and work out the requirements for such a feature and I'll get it in the
> As for automating Selenium tests in general, Selenium Core isn't well-suited for the
type of end-to-end automation you're looking for. However, Selenium Remote Control is and
may be able to help. Though, in my very biased opinion, and as the creator of Selenium Remote
Control, I'd really recommend just using HostedQA. It is a lot easier to set up (2 ant tasks)
and supports a lot more features :)

Sorry, I wasn't clear.  When I asked how to automate the tests, I
meant 'How do I automate the tests with HostedQA?"

Locally, all I want is to be able to easily run the tests in a single
container/browser combination.  This is just a sanity check like
running 'mvn clean test' before checking in changes.  I've got that by
storing the tests in src/test/selenium and enabling the profile to
package them with the webapp.

So yes, I do want the tests stored in svn.  If you have an import
facility that converts them to the format you need, that sounds fine.
But I'd also like to see the tests you've written for the Struts 2
apps.  I'm still at the "Record with Selenium IDE and do minor
editing" stage. :)


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