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From "Zhengmao Hou" <>
Subject Re: [s2] Action ! Method syntax (was Freemarker transform name)
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 19:10:13 GMT
Hi, guys, would you please move me out of the group? I tried to email to, but it doesn't work.

Please and Thanks.

>From: Jason Carreira <>
>Subject: Re: [s2] Action ! Method syntax (was Freemarker transform name)
>Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 14:04:37 CDT
> >
> > My understanding was that wildcards was much more
> > about reducing configuration and introducing
> > conventions rather than addressing any perceived
> > issues about multiple entry points on the action.
> >
>You say "multiple entry points on the action" like you can't have that 
>without the "!" notation. I map lots of action configs to one action class 
>without this.  On the wildcard front, the sign of a good tool is one that 
>can be used for multiple purposes ;-)
> > Yes, this is a best practice. And many people use and
> > depend on being able to invoke those methods from URL
> > constructs (either in the form of ! or with a
> > parameter name such as "method:cancel", which
> > addresses cancel buttons on forms).
> >
>Ok, so let's separate those and see if there's solutions to each.
> >
> > No, we cannot. The major problem that comes to mind
> > is the cancel button.
> >
>Ok, so if we came up with a different solution to that one, would it be 
>It sounds like more people than I thought use the "!" notation. I 
>personally hate it, but if we want to leave it on by default that's fine... 
>as long as I can turn it off (finally).
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