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From David Durham <>
Subject html:link + HTTP POST
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 05:17:52 GMT
I posted on the user list and didn't get a response, so not sure .. 
Anyway, I'm thinking it would be nice to have the html:link tag accept 
an optional "method" attribute that defaults to "get" and when set to 
"post" does one of a couple different things.

1 - adds a form, method="post" with hidden attributes and a javascript 
link to submit the form.

2 - adds a form, method="post", with a button to trigger the action

This is needed because of the issue brought to light by google 
accelerator wrt URLs that do something other than retrieve data-- they 
need to be HTTP POSTs.  So a common use case for html:link is to create 
"delete" links, which should be http POSTs.  Now, I don't know if 
something already exists in Struts, so maybe nothing new is needed.  I 
didn't get any feedback on the user@ lists, so I'm posting here.


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