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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject RE: JIRA - Closing Releases
Date Sat, 19 Aug 2006 23:44:20 GMT
Thanks Anders. I did that.

Okay. If you browse Struts 1 JIRA, you will see that 1.3.6 is next up on the roadmap:

Some things I want to mention:

1) I'd like to delete versions "1.0.0 Final" and "1.0.1 Final". There are no bugs logged against
them, because the real 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 bugs are under -- not surpringsly -- versions "1.0.0"
and "1.0.1". Those are the real deal with "Final" just being some sort of ancient leftover.
Does anyone object to deleting them?

2) I put into archive mode any versions with RC and Beta. This means that users will not be
able to select those versions when creating a defect. That's fine because they are not even
downloadable anymore

3) I put any non-GA releases of the 1.2 branch also in archive mode. Should this also be done
for 1.3 versions prior to 1.3.5?

4) Why do we have Family versions? I can understand them as a reporting tool, but they are
not really a product, and I don't think deserve to be a version. Bugs should be reported against
versions -- even if it is the first revision -- and not just a "family" which is not a version,
but a reporting mechanism. Do we really want those? I had to archive them to get them off
the roadmap, but it also means no one can write bugs against them either. Does anyone object?


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