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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Proposed Board Report
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 05:54:16 GMT
Did you mean to send this to the Shale dev@, Craig?

On 7/17/06, Craig McClanahan <> wrote:
> As part of our transition to an Apache top level project (TLP), we are
> obligated to submit a report to the ASF Board every month for the first
> three months, then quarterly thereafter.  Here's what I am proposing to send
> for July, which needs to be forwarded in a couple days.  (I'll also create a
> "pmc" subdirectory in the repository to archive these things, since there is
> nothing non-public we need to worry about).  Comments?
> ===========================================================================
> Apache Shale Board Report for July 2006
> =======================================
> Overview
> --------
> Per the Apache Board resolution at the June 2006 meeting, Apache Shale was
> created as a top level project.  This is the first of the "every month for
> the
> first three months" status reports to the Board on activities within the
> project.
> All of the initial root and infrastructure requests have been completed.  We
> are still de-tangling a few loose ends (wiki and JIRA instance shared with
> the
> Struts project), but these are not considered to be urgent.
> PMC and Committer Changes
> -------------------------
> None.
> Current Development Activities
> ------------------------------
> As the creation of Shale as a TLP was coming to fruition, we had nearly
> completed a migration to a Maven2 based build environment.  This work has
> been substantially completed, and Shale is now completely M2 based for its
> build infrastructure.  Nightly builds are still currently hosted on my
> (Craig's) home desktop, but steps are underway to migrate this to a
> Continuum
> instance on Apache infrastructure.
> We have initiated a contest to pick an official logo for the Apache Shale
> project -- details are at <>.  The
> entries so far have ranged from humorous to compelling ... it will be
> interesting
> to pick a final winner.
> Current release activities are focused on a 1.0.3 release, which is still
> likely
> to be considered "beta" quality (due to dependence on unreleased components,
> plus some outstanding bugs), but which has been requested by some downstream
> users to avoid their need to depend on snapshots.
> Submitted by,
> Craig McClanahan

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