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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: [s2] Distribution contents?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 13:50:19 GMT
On 7/10/06, Patrick Lightbody <> wrote:
> This is a good question. I've wrestled with this a lot with WebWork. A few thoughts:
>  - Does documentation have to be included in the release, or is connectivity good enough
> these days to let us get away with just pointing users to the wiki?

Connectivity is good enough in the US that we could link to a *static
snapshot* of the documentation for that release, but I would not
suggest linking to the wiki. It is *very* important that people refer
to the documentation for the release they are using.

However, we do have a significant number of people who use Struts
outside the US in places where connectivity is still dialup grade. I
would suggest that we need to manage the download sizes, and not rely
on connectivity, so that people have a choice.

In fact, separate documentation and application downloads might be a
good idea: Binary (JARs only), Source (no JARs), Docs, Apps. For the
bravehearts with stellar connectivity, we could also zip these into a
mammoth assembly.

For those with connectivity, an interesting option would be to be able
to snag the archetype and use that with Maven to bootstrap a new
application, without downloading anything else directly from us.

>  - If we are to include a war file for the sample apps with the release, the release
> become huge (hundreds of megabytes). That's because many of the same dependencies
> would be repeated in each war file. In WebWork, we encouraged quickstart and/or an Ant
> script to build the war file as needed.

Yes, we do seem to have a JAR bloat issue with Struts 2. On disk, the
S2 applications run *twice* the size of  comparable S1 applications.
(Though, that does not mean the memory footprint is different!)

Why is that? Are we sucking in any runtime dependencies that we don't
need? Are the dependencies themselves bloated?

In any event, we can make the application WARs separate downloads,
like we do with the nightly builds.


We might need to do that with S1, since we now have a scripting
example and two faces examples.  The 1.3.5 all-in-one snapshut is
running 40mb, where 1.2.9 was less than 15mb. (I remember when we
thought 3mb was huge!)


> I'm open to changes from the webwork-style release... I never felt it was great. I just
> couldn't put together something better :)

Without James and Wendy, I doubt that I could either :)


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