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From "Craig McClanahan" <>
Subject [shale] Maven Reorganization Status and a request for help
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 23:48:06 GMT
Thanks to incredible support from Wendy, James, Gary, et. al., it looks like
we've got a viable organization of the repository for Shale in the
"mvn_reorg" branch.  There's work to be done yet on the generated website,
but the basic architecture seems sound.  But there is one more thing I'd
like to do before we move this over to the trunk ... have some more people
download and validate the artifacts that the build process creates.  To that
end, I have uploaded snapshots to my home directory on URLs in the footnotes), and would like to ask
for some volunteers to
perform the following tests (plus any others that strike your fancy).

An interesting question is how we make it possible to do step 4 (build the
sample apps from source) without doing step 2 (build the framework from
source).  I presume that means we'd need to publish the "shale-parent" and
"shale-apps-parent" POMs as snapshots, since a side effect of Step 2 would
be to install the poms in your local repository.  I know we'd need to
publish the parent POMs as part of a normal release, but is that also the an
acceptable process for snapshots?

(1) Download and unpack the framework artifact[1]:

Can I get to the Shale jar files (and all their dependencies) in the "lib"

Are any dependencies missing (probably have to use these to build an app to
check that)?  (NOTE - building shale-designtime.jar is currently commented
out because it needs a bit more work before the code actually runs

Can I examine the source code for the various framework modules (shale-clay,
shale-core, shale-designtime, shale-dist, shale-remoting, shale-spring,
shale-test, shale-tiger, shale-tiles)?

Can I open the "docs/index.html" page and see the framework web site?
(There will be lots of broken links and stuff inside, so don't worry too
much about those at the moment)

(2) Rebuild framework artifact from the sources:

Assuming you have Maven 2.0.4 installed, you should be able to reproduce the
artifact (in an environment where there are no previously installed Shale
artifacts in your Maven2 repository) by executing:
* cd <directory-containing-unpacked-framework-artifact>
* mvn clean site
* cd shale-dst
* mvn assembly:assembly

(3) Download and unpack the sample applications[2][3][4][5][6]:

For each sampe app, you should be able to:
* Download the artifact and unpack it
* Examine the source code for that particular sample in the "src' directory
* Examine the sample app website in the "site" subdirectory (again, expect
broken stuff, but I'm primarily interested in the packaging at this point).
* Deploy the web application in the "dist" directory on Tomcat 5.5 or
  with no deployment errors (I haven't validated that all the functionality
is still
  correct yet, so I'd be interested in any problems you encounter there

(4) Rebuild sample applications from sources:

For each sample app, you should be able to reproduce it (assuming you've
done Step 2 above ... see earlier discussion) by executing:
* cd shale-xxxxx
* mvn clean site assembly:assembly

Thanks for your help in debugging the Maven2 builds for Shale!



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