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From "Craig McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Maven 2 website documentation editing
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2006 04:54:41 GMT
Several notes and a mystery below.

On 6/10/06, Wendy Smoak <> wrote:
> On 6/10/06, Wendy Smoak <> wrote:
> > You can also "stage" the entire site locally with:
> >
> >    'mvn site:stage'
> >
> > It defaults to target/staging, or you can specify
> > -DstagingDirectory=/path/to/tempdir
> Strange.  The default is to put target/staging under each module,
> which isn't any more useful than the separate target/site directories
> that 'mvn site' builds.
> With -DstagingDirectory=/path/to/tempdir, though, it puts the entire
> site together, just as it will be on the server.  So use that. :)

Don't forget to add "-Pmyfaces" as well ... the site generation seems to
want to compile everything again, and  some of the compiles will fail
without either -Pmyfaces or -Pjsfri being explicity listed (most likely a
Maven issue).

Mystery:  This runs for me on my Linux desktop, but on my Windows XP laptop
I get "Required goal not found: site:stage" ... it's as if Maven doesn't
know that this goal exists.  It is Maven 2.0.4 in both cases.  Do I need to
do something special to make it recognize this?


* Can I blame Wendy (who got the site build to work) for the
  many thousands of Checkstyle errors we need to wade through?  :-)
  Nah ... that'd be shooting the messenger.  But it is a good opportunity
  to tweak the rules we're asking it to enforce.

* The JxrReport plugin seemed to fail on every module, looking for
  a pom.xml in the directory above the "mvn_reorg" root.  Shouldn't
  it be obeying the parent declarations in the POMs?

* Even though I used the -DstagingDirectory approach, the javadocs
  for the modules aren't correctly linked from the website home page.
  That's probably because those links are done manually.

* On the Project Summary page, the description seems to come from
  the struts parent POM (and I think I've seen this text still in some of
  generated MANIFEST.MF files too).  Can we make it come from the
  Shale parent instead?

* The "Dependencies" and "Dependency Convergence" reports address
  my earlier question about a hierarchical chain of dependencies, although
  the links on the latter page are all broken.  But it pointed me to a
  mismatch problem that's already been fixed.

* The "Source Repository" page doesn't have any information ... we'll
  want to fill in the appropriate POM stuff for that.

* The project reports for each module don't seem to be linked into the
  site anywhere.  Should they be?

> Wendy


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