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From "Alexandru Popescu" <>
Subject Re: SAF2 JSF Support (was Re: Does Struts ...)
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 13:02:50 GMT
Ted, as I was afraid, you are unfortunately, interpretting wrongly my
message. RoR is not about dumb-distro, nor my intention/hope to have
something very simple in the Java world.

As for we can built different distributions and things like this: I
would definitely try to be objective: we are doing this for fun, so
why do you think I would like to make my life more complex? :-).

I think I've exposed my thoughts. From now on, I will listen the majority.


.w( the_mindstorm )p.

On 6/21/06, Ted Husted <> wrote:
> On 6/21/06, Alexandru Popescu <> wrote:
> > If you think this can be done with the big-package-solves-everything
> > approach, than I am oke with it.
> Hmmm, you can have both. If people are interested in RoR simplicity,
> then why not create an Action-on-Rails distribution that configures
> the framework to support one clearly-defined approach to web
> development. The AoR distribution might only support one AJAX theme,
> and one view technology. The distribution could also be bundled with a
> particular data access technology, so that it would be the complete
> package. Eventually, you could also bundle AoR with tweaked version of
> Rainbow, Geronimo, Derby, and Eclipse, and have a single-stop-shop.
> But, we don't need to dumb-down SAF2 to do that. We just need people
> to document favorite ways of configuring SAF2, bundling it up as a
> distribution, and then be willing to support the configuration.
> Now, what if we want to have an Action-on-JSF distribution? What else
> do we need to do to SAF2 so that it supports JSF as well as it
> supports JSP and FreeMarkerr?
> -Ted.
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