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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Does Struts really need two frameworks? (long)
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 15:45:39 GMT
On 6/21/06, Don Brown <> wrote:

> Again, Struts Action and Struts Shale would both retain their separate projects,
> codebases, and release cycles.  Struts 2.0 is about building something on top of
> our Struts efforts to create a unified front to users.  Users don't care about
> all the little projects, subprojects, and libraries we have; I think they just
> want something to help them build webapps - they want Struts 2.0.  And as a
> committer, PMC member and Struts user, I want it too.

This is going to be short, both because I'm on a deadline and because
I think the important points have already been covered.

I'm not in favor of distributing Shale as a library behind a Struts 2
that promotes the Action 2 controller.  Shale's story from the
beginning has been that it is based on JSF.

Where is lives is less of a concern, but I'd be happy either as a TLP
or as part of MyFaces.      I'm very glad that Shale was accepted here
and given time to grow and develop a community, but I think it's time
to find a new home.  I'd like to see Struts (the project) return to a
focus on building a great Action framework, and let Shale continue to
explore what can be done with JSF.


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