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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Tracing Maven2 Transitive Dependencies
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2006 18:52:00 GMT
On 6/10/06, Craig McClanahan <> wrote:

> I've tried Wendy's suggestion of using -X on the mvn execution, which gives
> a pretty copious amount of output ... and still doesn't make it clear from
> which POM the dependency is actually getting inherited.  Is there some
> mechanism in Maven2 that just lists out the dependency tree, so you can
> figure stuff like this out easily?

Ask on users@maven?  I usually redirect the output of -X to a file so
I can scroll and search through it.  The indentation levels show
what's coming from where, and it's hard to follow when it wraps on the

You get rid of them by adding a <dependency> in the webapp pom marked
provided or optional.  Maven constructs a dependency graph and uses
the "closest" definition.

I don't see xercesImpl, but I think xerces 2.4.0 is coming from
commons-pool by way of spring-aop:

(Extra lines removed)

[DEBUG]   org.apache.struts.shale:shale-spring:jar:1.0.3-SNAPSHOT:compile
(selected for compile)
[DEBUG]     org.springframework:spring-context:jar:1.2.2:compile
(selected for compile)
[DEBUG]       org.springframework:spring-aop:jar:1.2.2:compile
(selected for compile)
[DEBUG]         commons-pool:commons-pool:jar:1.2:compile (selected for compile)
[DEBUG]           xerces:xerces:jar:2.0.2:compile (selected for compile)

Commons Pool should probably mark that 'provided' or 'optional'
depending on the situation.


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