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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Common <repositories> entries in the POMs
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2006 17:35:39 GMT
On 6/10/06, Martin Cooper <> wrote:

> Just wondering if there's a reason that the entry for the Maven snapshot
> repo (in <repositories>, not <distributionManagement>) is in each POM rather
> than being a part of the struts-parent POM. It does seem to be included in
> most (all?) of the other POMs explicitly. Are <repositories> entries not
> cumulative?

All of the poms?  It should only be in struts-action-parent,
struts-action2-parent, and shale-parent.

We're talking about this part, right?
            <name>Apache Maven Repository (Snapshots and Test Builds)</name>

That <id> is inherited from the top-level Apache pom:

We wouldn't need this entry at all, except that we're deploying test
builds to that snapshot repository, so we have to override the
<releases> element to true.

It's at the sub-project level because after all the trouble with the
Maven 1 "common" build, I'd rather have some duplication and factor
out common elements later, than put too much in the parent pom.

Now that we know it's common to all of the sub-projects, I'm fine with
moving it up to struts-parent.  (And the url needs to be changed to


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