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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject [shale] Maven, Cargo and integration testing
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 03:41:17 GMT
The Shale Blank app is now set up to run its integration tests.

The includes/excludes are working (thanks David!) and we're using the
Cargo Java API to start and stop Tomcat.  (Yesterday's experiment with
the Cargo plugin didn't work out, the inherited config from the
shale-apps parent pom was causing it to try to start Tomcat twice.)

Surefire is bound to the 'test' phase by default, so it runs then with
**/systest/** excluded.

There is an additional execution of Surefire bound to the
integration-test phase, where it runs only the integration tests.

Craig, can you please try 'mvn install -Pmyfaces,itest' from
shale-blank (or above) and let me know if this does what you want?
(You'll either need 'cargo.tomcat5x.home' configured in settings.xml,
or with -D on the command line.)

This app has only one test so it doesn't matter too much, but usually
the code to start and stop the container goes in a TestSetup class.  I
put it directly in the test case to keep things as simple as possible
at first.


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