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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Struts 1.3.x: Using multiple chain configurations
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 20:25:07 GMT
At 9:09 PM +0100 6/14/06, Phil Zoio wrote:
>I can't comment on how people are actually using it, but changing 
>the request processor workflow on a per module basis is quite easy 
>with Struts 1.2. Assuming that this is something which some people 
>are doing, then it would seem to make sense to support this for 
>Struts 1.3 as well, at least for the interests of consistency with 
>previous versions, especially if the 1.2 request processor has been 
>earmarked for deprecation.


Have you looked at what is required to change the workflow in Struts 
1.3 on a per-module basis?  Can you point out where you think it's 
unnecessarily complicated?  Do you have any ideas about how to do it 


>Joe Germuska wrote:
>>At 9:23 PM +0100 6/13/06, Phil Zoio wrote:
>>>Is it possible to have multiple chain configurations for the same 
>>>Struts 1.3 app. For example, can you configure one module to use 
>>>tiles and another to not do so?
>>It is technically possible to change which command is looked up in 
>>the catalogs and executed to process the request as part of the 
>>controller-config on  per-module basis.  However, you'd need to go 
>>to some greater lengths to define the necessary commands and 
>>catalogs, because the distributed chain-config.xml in both 
>>struts-core and struts-tiles use the same catalog name.  The idea 
>>was to minimize the places where a user would need to change 
>>configurations to use Tiles.
>>For the specific case you cite, there's really no need to do 
>>anything special, since if you are using the Tiles request 
>>processing chain, nothing prevents you from using ActionForwards 
>>which do not point to tiles paths intermixed with those which do. 
>>Just use the chain-config packaged in struts-tiles (as indicated at 
>>If people end up doing a lot of mixing and matching of chain 
>>catalogs, we would want to make this easier than it is now, but so 
>>far we just don't know enough about if or how people are likely to 
>>want to do this, so it's hard to know how to make it easier.
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