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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: [SAF2] Tossing an idea around: PDFResult
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 14:34:50 GMT
At 8:39 AM +0200 6/6/06, Juan Ara wrote:
>JasperReports ( is an xml 
>schema for iText, in a similar (but I think far more extensive and 
>complex than yours). It handles XML files, turns them into iText 
>code and the you pass a DataSource interface to fill the fields in. 
>The good news are jasperreports has a crystal-report-style visual 
>editor. Jasper has been out ther for a long time and they haven't 
>get iText support (well, they haven't merged iText). It's license is 
>LGPL. I just tell this because maybe you (Frank) should think about 
>moving to JasperReports before your XML schema grows too big. Feel 
>free to mail me asking questions, I've been developing with Jasper 
>(and hacking it as well) for over two years.

WebWork has a Jasper result[1].  It was not transitioned to Struts 
Action 2 because of the licensing issue.  The code should be readily 
adaptable for those who want to use it, and perhaps it could be kept 
alive either as part of Jasper Reports' development, or in a 
SourceForge project that can tolerate the license entanglements that 
Apache projects have to avoid.



Joe Germuska *    

"You really can't burn anything out by trying something new, and
even if you can burn it out, it can be fixed.  Try something new."
	-- Robert Moog

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