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From James Mitchell <>
Subject Re: Maven 2 website documentation editing
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2006 17:39:42 GMT
I was looking into how to provide better aggregation.  It's been a  
while since I looked at that code, so please don't wait for me to  
provide a fix in the short term.  Between the day job and the kids  
(since school is out), I hardly have time to just keep up with  
mailing list traffic.

Go ahead with your plans, I'll try to look at this later this evening  
and a little bit tomorrow.  I'll have more time though later in the  

I'm making certain assumptions about where we are and where we want  
to be, with respect to all of what the Maven build provides for  
Shale.  Is there a wiki page that outlines what we need/want?  What I  
mean is, take the old Ant build, each target gives a small  
description of what to expect when that target is run.  And more  
details are provided in the comments about what gets created and  
where it will be, etc, etc.

Given our current POM(s) structure, is there a list of commands with  
(and without) the known switches (-Pfoo -U) that details all the  
possible ways to get something done?  A list of what can be done?   
And a list of what currently doesn't work?  And why?

I guess what I'm looking for is something like this:

With something like the above, all the great hints and tricks you  
guys keep throwing around in the threads won't get lost.

Not sure about other people, but when I get a few minutes to help,  
I'm never sure where to jump in.  Chances are that what I was working  
on previously has been updated or continued by someone else, which, I  
admit, is a *good* problem to have.

What do you think?

James Mitchell

On Jun 11, 2006, at 12:09 PM, Wendy Smoak wrote:

> On 6/11/06, James Mitchell <> wrote:
>> > I thought you were still building nightlies from the trunk, but  
>> yes,
>> > the assembly is next.  We can't do much about the aggregation  
>> anyway
>> > (unless James wants to go work on Maven plugins... ;) )
>> >
>> Already looking at it, albeit with what limited time I have these  
>> days.
> At what?  Fixing some Maven plugins so they aggregate properly, or at
> the assembly?
> I just tried the new way with <moduleSets> [1] and couldn't get it to
> work, so I'm just using the descriptor from Struts Action with
> <fileSets> and relative paths.
> If you're doing it, though, I'll step aside. :)
> [1] 
> multimodule/module-source-inclusion-simple.html
> -- 
> Wendy
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