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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Does Struts really need two frameworks? (long)
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 22:03:55 GMT
On 6/21/06, Don Brown <> wrote:
> It goes back to Struts' roots as a single solution for web development needs.

:) Hmmm, I think you would need to look to Matt Raible's stuff for that :)

Historically, people always *wanted* Struts to be a single solution,
but we always tried to discourage that notion. Instead, we encouraged
extensions to Struts, like Struts-Layout and Struts-Menu and
Struts-Velocity, and dozens of others, so that we wouldn't bloat the
core. Recently, we've continued that trend by extracting Tiles into a
standalone product.

Right now, today, both SAF2 and Shale are as much a single solution as SAF1.

If we wanted Struts 2.0 to be a true omnibus product, then it should
include a data access solution, a data indexing solution, a menuing
solution, a security solution, a wizard solution, and an (even better)
AJAX solution. We're not even coming close to bundling everything a
*real* web application uses these days.  Witness that applications
like Confluence and Roller need to add to the mix.

Bolting JSF onto SAF2 would be helpful to many teams who just want to
use a few JSF components, or who would like to get their feet wet
without diving in. But adding Shale to the mix doesn't suddenly make
SAF a "single stack solution" a la Ruby on Rails. That's a whole
'nother jungle :)

It would demonstrate that SAF2 can be an omnibus controller, but it
wouldn't transmigrate Struts 2.0  into a one-stop shop.


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