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From Don Brown <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Rename Struts Action as Struts
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 22:32:43 GMT
With the departure of Struts Shale, I think it is time we return to the idea of 
Struts as a single, unified framework.  While I had hoped we could do this by 
including Shale, everyone involved felt Shale deserved its own project and so 
I'm adjusting my original Struts 2.0 proposal to simply rename Struts Action as 

The ramifications of such a renaming up for discussion:
  1. Struts Action 1.3 becomes Struts 1.3 and Struts Action 2.0 becomes Struts 2.0
  2. We rename the subversion 
directory as, keep the other 
top level directories the same
  3. The org.apache.struts.action2 package becomes org.apache.struts2
  4. action.* and struts-action.* configuration files become struts.*
  5. The SAF acronym in the documentation would return to Struts

Given all the product naming changes in the last few years (much of which was my 
fault, I admit), I'd like to have these changes decided on soon, so we can move 
on to getting Struts 2.0 out the door.


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