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From Don Brown <>
Subject Re: 1.x - DTD Attribute Proposal
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2006 17:14:00 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:
> These views, I suppose, would logically be "pages" if Struts were a
>> page-based controller. But I do find this kind of use-case always 
>> cropping
>> into my apps, and one of my biggest problems is that when I do a save or
>> cancel, I have no automated stack that tells me what my last logical 
>> view
>> was. 
> I'm not sure I understand this part. I haven't found a need for "stacks"
> beyond just the 'input' of the action mapping. Could you elaborate? 
> Are you
> really talking about nested dialogs here?
Yeah, it is tempting to think that the solution is as easy as building a 
stack on the server-side of visited pages, but it just doesn't work due 
to the back button, and the ability to open multiple browsers in the 
same session.  Sure, you could do some Javascript stuff to force the 
issue, but that, of course, has its own problems.  Better to devise a 
system that allows you to track flows, yet lets the user continue to use 
the back button or multiple browser windows.  Continuations is one way 
to solve that, but that's another discussion :)


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