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From Juan Ara <>
Subject Re: SAF2 JSF Support (was Re: Does Struts ...)
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 14:14:43 GMT

> The reason there are both Action and Shale frameworks is because we
> didn't know how to support JSF in Action. We're finally starting to
> make some headway on that score. Now what do we need to do to finish
> the job?
> If the job is finished, then is someone up to "showing us the code" by
> driving the Shale MailReader from SAF2?
> -Ted.
I think this is a great point. Easy/centraliced way of doing things was 
the key to original Struts success.
I think Action2 must keep that point, and JSF (nor shale nor seam nor 
no-framework yet) provides a way of doing things.

IMHO, the original perform(....) method and ActionForm was the key of 
Struts success. Easy and centralized, a single way of doing webapps with 
If I do Struts, and I you do Struts, we *surely* talk the same dialect.
If I do JSF and you do JSF, I'm 95% sure we won't talk *exactly* the 
same dialect. I can implement my managed beans in lot's of different 
ways. I can have events, or actions, centralized or uncentralized 
actions... a lot of differences between two programmers.

The point is, provide an easy way to do things with JSF in a plugable 
fashion: use it or not, use it our way or not, but if you use it our 
way, well... there must be any benefit!

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