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From Juan Ara <>
Subject Re: [Tiles] Non-standard locales (WAS: Re: [Tiles] Inline definitions)
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 11:00:31 GMT
Antonio Petrelli wrote:

> Juan Ara ha scritto:
>> It performed not-so-bad (If I recall correctly those was struts 
>> 1.2.insert_low_number_here), but we ran into some troubles with 
>> flush'ing and some non-standard locales under I.E. 5 for Mac, but 
>> those were M$ and IE problems, not tiles.
> I am not sure about that. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what are 
> "non-standard locales"? I mean, probably there is something in Tiles 
> that is not taken in consideration at all. I don't want to hide a bug 
> that may appear lately.
> Ciao
> Antonio
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Drawing Latin-1 characters into JS variables and JS code at all performs 
badly on IE on Macs.

For example:

var menu = "EspaƱa"; //whould break some I.E 5 on macs

Even linebreaks performed bad. I remember (it was a hard hard day) 
myself rounding all jsp code with <%  %> in a way like this:

<script type="javascript"><% //break line feed (I.E 5 Mac)
%>var menu = "Spain"; <%//break line feed (I.E 5 Mac)

There were a lot of problems with latin-1 charset in explorer 5 for 
macintosh, and we ended up getting rid of them, as well as omitting line 
feeds inside javascript code.

Anyway, that problem only apeared on internet explorer for macintosh, IE 
5.5+, mozilla (no firefox that time), opera 6+ and netscape 5,6+ 
performed well.

I'm not sure if I'd be able to get a working sample from that time, I 
changed work and location and I don't think will have an example on my 
old backups. If you want, I can try to ask my former employeer to submit 
a bug or to send some examples.



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