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From Juan Ara <>
Subject Re: [Tiles] Inline definitions (WAS: [Tiles] Embedding tiles inside of tiles)
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 09:39:35 GMT

> I don't think it is a question of clearness, but someone could abuse 
> of the presence of nested Tiles, e.g. repeating the same code again 
> and again. Anyway I am going to write some code to support nested 
> Tiles and when I'm finished I will submit to your judgment :-) I will 
> start from the SVN committed code (with no patch made by me, I mean).
Long long time ago in a bussiness far away... (I've moved location and 
bussiness) I had to wrote a tree-menu (no faces!) and I used a recursive 
tile... inserting itself again and again and again... which created all 
the JS vars and code for a tree strutcure from Java Menu-Like structure.

It performed not-so-bad (If I recall correctly those was struts 
1.2.insert_low_number_here), but we ran into some troubles with 
flush'ing and some non-standard locales under I.E. 5 for Mac, but those 
were M$ and IE problems, not tiles.

Good luck.

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