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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject [Tiles] Inline definitions (WAS: [Tiles] Embedding tiles inside of tiles)
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 16:06:33 GMT
Greg Reddin ha scritto:
> As long as your layout is completely defined in one JSP page this will 
> all work.  It breaks down if your layout has separate pages for 
> header, footer, etc.  See below:
> <definition name="tileA" path="/layout.jsp">
>   <put name="header" value="/header1.jsp"/>
>   <put name="headerGraphic" value="image1.gif"/>
>   <put name="someOtherThing" value="..."/>
> </definitioin>
> <definition name="tileB" extends="tileA">
>   <put name="header" value="header2.jsp"/>
>   <put name="headerGraphic" value="image2.gif"/>
> </definition>
> Above you want to define your header differently for two layouts and 
> you want to pass different images in.  This won't work because the 
> headerGraphic attribute will not be passed along to the header page 
> unless you do it manually from the page where it is inserted.

Uh, this makes me think about a possibility to support something like 
"inline definitions" such as:

<definition name="tileB" extends="tileA">
  <put name="header">
    <definition path="/header2.jsp">
       <put name="headerGraphic" value="image2.gif" />
  <put name="headerGraphic" value="image2.gif"/>

Do you think it could be a good solution?

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