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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: [SAF2] Tossing an idea around: PDFResult
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 15:14:20 GMT
Joe, was there anything else along these lines that wasn't transitioned 
for this (or any other) reason?  I'm wondering if a subproject at might be in order for such "orphans"?


Joe Germuska wrote:
> At 8:39 AM +0200 6/6/06, Juan Ara wrote:
>> JasperReports ( is an xml schema 
>> for iText, in a similar (but I think far more extensive and complex 
>> than yours). It handles XML files, turns them into iText code and the 
>> you pass a DataSource interface to fill the fields in. The good news 
>> are jasperreports has a crystal-report-style visual editor. Jasper has 
>> been out ther for a long time and they haven't get iText support 
>> (well, they haven't merged iText). It's license is LGPL. I just tell 
>> this because maybe you (Frank) should think about moving to 
>> JasperReports before your XML schema grows too big. Feel free to mail 
>> me asking questions, I've been developing with Jasper (and hacking it 
>> as well) for over two years.
> WebWork has a Jasper result[1].  It was not transitioned to Struts 
> Action 2 because of the licensing issue.  The code should be readily 
> adaptable for those who want to use it, and perhaps it could be kept 
> alive either as part of Jasper Reports' development, or in a SourceForge 
> project that can tolerate the license entanglements that Apache projects 
> have to avoid.
> [1] 

> Joe

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