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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: Maven Reorg (Was --> Re: [shale] Maven 2 build -- Help Wanted)
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 01:53:45 GMT
> * I presume we don't have to list the individual applications themseves in
> the
>   "shale-parent-pom" file, because things get processed hierarchically?

Not sure what you mean by this.  If you mean shale/pom.xml and including:


(as you have already done) then, yes, we need this.  Its just a
convenience pom that allows you to build (and release) all of the
modules at once.  Of course, its nice to be able to checkout any one
module (say shale-test) and build that from source without the others
(more on that in my next response.)

> * When I try a build (like "mvn test intall -Pmyfaces") from within one
>   of the subdirectories (like "shale-core"), it tries to download
>   struts-shale-parent-1.0.3-SNAPSHOT.pom (i.e. the file I'm modifying)
>   from ibiblio.  Shouldn't we be installing the local copy of the
>   parent POM so it'll pick up all the most recent changes?

Yes, you should always run mvn install on the dependencies in order to
get the latest changes.  If we are doing our job with good unit tests
we will notice when we fail to do this ;-)

In MyFaces we also publish nightly SNAPSHOTS to the ASF server and
have that listed as a snapshot repo in our master pom.  This way its
possible to checkout any one of the modules and build only that
module.  Pretty sweet huh?  In theory this lowers the barrier to entry
for potential new bug fixers out there who don't want to spend a lot
of time setting up the source and dependencies.

> Craig


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