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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: Struts problem on reload...
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 00:27:53 GMT

Use this as your action servlet instead:


Andy Lewis <> wrote: The team I work with has encountered an apparent
problem with Struts 
when the servlet is reloaded by the container. We are using Weblogic 
9.1, but the problem appear to happen on other versions, and possibly 
other containers. The spec does not appear to be clear regarding the 
ServletContext behavior across servlet instances, and in the case of 
Weblogic 9.1, it appears to fully preserve the ServletContext. The 
problem we are having is that the RequestProcessor instances stored in 
the ServletContext are destroyed when the ActionServlet is destroyed, 
but they are not removed from the ServletContext. As a result, when a 
new servlet is created with the same context, it finds the 
RequestProcessors already existing, but they have a null reference to 
the servlet (since their respective destroy method was called). As a 
result any attempt to get to the Servlet resources, such as the 
ServletContext, results in a NullPointerException in the RequestProcessor.

Even the latest version appears to do this. Google searches on the 
problem reveal other users have had the problem, and even a patch/hack 
that resets the servlet variable in the RequestProcessor every time it 
is accessed. There is also an existing open issue () on JRun that may be 
the same problem.

A simple one line addition to the Servlet destroy code to remove the 
destroyed RequestProcessor from the ServletContext fixes the problem.

Is anyone familiar with this issue and can valid or correct my 
understanding? And If I am correct in my understanding, is this 
something I should submit the one line patch for? I've not had the 
opportunity to contribute to struts before, and little to any project as 
much as I'd like to.

Any comments, feedback, corrections, validations, etc, would be appreciated.


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