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From "Michael Jouravlev" <>
Subject [Friday] GWT/Struts - does it make sense?
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 19:19:15 GMT
>From another thread:

On 6/23/06, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> JSF is a major shift in the way we've been doing things.
> It will take a while for everyone to understand JSF enough
> before they are ready for Shale.

I think that it should not be too complex to combine GWT front end
with Struts backend. I haven't tried it yet but does it really matter,
pure servlet or Struts Action, it is just a URL after all. GWT is new
and fun, yet it might allow to reuse existing skills if not code.
Struts would be used for server-side validation, model/database
access/update, state management.

Looking into Ajax future I think that from both developer and user
perspective GWT/Struts can be a sensible option for rich web
applications in comparison with JSF/Shale/ICEFaces/whatnot. Opinions?

I know, I know, "It is up to you to make it happen" ;-)

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