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From James Mitchell <>
Subject Location for nightly builds
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 08:14:36 GMT
Craig and I were discussing a few offline items and one thing that  
came up was how we currently publish the nightlies.  We agree that  
this is best discussed in public, so here I am :)

Currently the nightly build can be found (or will be) on minotaur  
( under /builds/struts.  For years the builds were  
done on Craig's personal machine, which would be scp'd up to minotaur  
and everything moved happily along for a while.  Then, as the svn  
reorg occurred and we sort-of began moving to a Maven 1 based build,  
I was using my personal machine to build and upload the maven-built  
artifacts to the same place.

The only problem with the "using a personal machine" approach is that  
if some dependency changed (with the Ant based build), then, due to  
the way our build files worked, Craig had to make the manual change  
on his personal machine.  However, with Maven (1 and 2), everything  
is declarative in the pom.xml, and so unless there's some weird bug  
in a current plugin or if the POM now needs a later plugin version,  
there really isn't a need to touch the machine or the local  

Later, I moved this process off my personal machine and used my  
account on the zone to build and scp over to minotaur the same way.   
This was an improvement in reliability, but we still have the problem  
that this was *my* account and not just anyone could fix it if there  
was a problem.

Looking back ... in and of itself, the actual location of the build  
is insignificant with regard to authenticity or security.  Anyone  
with an Apache account can upload anything they like to (almost)  
wherever they like.  And so long as the build requirements or  
dependencies didn't change, everything went along like clockwork.

Fast forward to June 2006, here we are with more or less 4 Maven 2  
based projects, each with multiple artifacts.

I see our options as:

Build using:
1) personal machine
2) zone (personal account)
3) zone (shared account, i.e. mrstruts)

Users download from:
a) minotaur
b) zone

Currently we are a mixture of 1a and 3a.  Also, 3b isn't really a  
viable option because someone would have to use their private key for  
that shared account (so the scp process would work).

Furthermore, I had always assumed that hosting nightlies from the  
zone was out of the question.  Is that not the case?

Either way, I can see one other approach.  3a with the ability of a  
few people to su to root, then su to the personal account (e.g.  
jmitchell) and fix whatever.

Your thoughts?

James Mitchell

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