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From Jason Carreira <>
Subject Re: Poll: What part of a Struts will be the most important to support for m
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 10:28:28 GMT
> Well, it would have made Atlassian's life easier.
> JIRA is written with
> WW1 and Confluence is written with WW2, the two
> versions cannot
> coexist in the same web application, and they still
> haven't gotten
> around to migrating JIRA. When people (like me) run
> both applications,
> we need to run them as two separate web apps, instead
> of two "modules"
> that can share session.

Not to nitpick, but WW1 and WW2 CAN peacefully coexist, because we changed the package names
in the change. At Notiva we converted the app piecemeal from WW1 to WW2 over time, moving
over new pieces and migrating anything old that we had to touch. We simply mapped them to
different extensions. 

I'm not sure why Atlassian didn't switch over. Maybe it just didn't ever make sense. Maybe
there was some other issue with common configuration files that we didn't run into at Notiva.
But I can tell you that they can run side-by-side, just as WebWork 2.x and Struts 2.x will
be able to.
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