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From netsql <>
Subject Re: Dear trolls...
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 14:34:17 GMT
If there is an itch for anyone, they can easily go to, pick a 
license they like, and implement an enlightened design.

I believe that even if they want to check out any source of Struts 
module, and refactor it under ASF license, that is legal too.

It it's not an itch, then it must not be important to anyone.


Dakota Jack wrote:
> What is amazing to me is that the people who are called "trolls" are
> only those in some way contrary to the status quo.  Others in favor of
> the status quo who do nothing but use invective and display 10 year
> old conduct are never mentioned.  

>  They are used by the powers that be to attack without any
> point dissidents.  This is really an open source Gulag Apache.

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