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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Release Process thoughts (Re: [VOTE] Struts Action Framework v1.3.4 Quality)
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 14:53:02 GMT
On 5/16/06, Don Brown <> wrote:

> I think the solution is to:
>  1. Make betas publicly available and widely known like our 1.1 betas were

+1.  Based on this and other comments, I'd like to add the following
to the release guidelines [1]:

 * Versions with significant changes, especially new major or minor
versions, should first be released and distributed as Alpha or Beta
quality, then later upgraded to GA if it is warranted.

The entire release process should be as easy and clear as possible.
Right now there are a couple of points where it's not easy for someone
new to the process (or me, at least,) to figure out what to do next,
or how.  I've been working on the "how" part with Maven, [2] but we're
missing some of the "what" in the guidelines.

>  2. Do all testing and even the vote _before_ a code freeze and
> subsequent release.

IMO the advance testing should already be happening with snapshots or
nightly builds.

I agree with Ted and Paul that we should only vote on the actual
signed distribution that's going to be uploaded.  It's easy to imagine
accidentally introduce a problem when you're building the final
distribution.  I wouldn't be comfortable uploading anything to dist/
unless it had been looked at by others.



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