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From Don Brown <>
Subject Struts release process is broken (Re: [VOTE] Struts Action Framework v1.3.4 Quality)
Date Sun, 14 May 2006 05:39:35 GMT
Craig McClanahan wrote:
> However, I would be unhappy with
> all of us other committers if we stopped testing 1.3.4 at all, until
> 1.3.5became available, and we surface yet another two line change next
> week.
This is exactly why I think this release process, or least least the 
Struts PMC implementation of it, is broken.  A few Struts committers 
work their butts off to push out a release, clearing all known issues 
and repeatedly asking for help but getting none.  Then, once the release 
is out, people nitpick through it finding issues to shoot it down (and 
yes, a beta is as good as a killed release because it doesn't get out to 
the users in an public, accessible location).  Ok, we go back, fix the 
issues, and roll another release, only to have the same process happen 
again and again.

Honestly, this is very discouraging and kills any momentum we get.  
Personally, I give up.  I previously believed Struts moved so slowly 
because of a lack of effort, but I'm wondering if the problem isn't more 
profound.  If, in six months with 100% dedicated committers willing to 
do whatever it takes and a codebase that is stable and proven, we can't 
push out a GA release, we have a serious problem.


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