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From Don Brown <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Struts Action Framework v1.3.4 Quality
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 02:23:02 GMT
Normally, I'd agree with you but:
 a) This is the latest in a succession of very recent releases so little 
has changed (last one was Sunday)
 b) Theoretically people test during that week, but in practice few do.  
Seems people don't pay attention until a vote is called

We can always recall a release or throw out a new one if a major issue 
has been found, but as I've said, this is the same code that has been 
there for months and yes, I dare say years.  We've been spending all our 
time (way too much porportionally, IMO) on the build and site, but the 
code has been very stable.

For the next significant release, I'm fine with waiting the extra week.


Niall Pemberton wrote:
> In the past we've made a new version available for people to check out
> for a period of time (my preference is at least a week) before calling
> a vote.
> I'm against this process of publishing and calling a vote immediately
> as I believe it increases the chance of a build with problems being
> voted GA.
> I don't have much time available at the moment, but I was hoping to
> try and check out this version by the weekend. Whether I'll get round
> to that I'm not sure, but it looks pretty academic since it'll have
> probably been voted GA by then :-(
> Niall
> On 5/10/06, Wendy Smoak <> wrote:
>> The Struts Action Framework 1.3.4 Test Build is available to evaluate
>> for release quality.
>> The release plan is available on the wiki:
>> The test build, including checksums and signatures, has been deployed 
>> to:
>> In addition, all jars, webapps, sources and javadocs are available in
>> Apache's Maven snapshot repository under groupId
>> 'org.apache.struts.action'.
>> Since 1.3.3, the following issues have been resolved:
>>    * [STR-2795] - Postback Forms - Caching and Modules
>>    * [STR-2866] - Struts Tiles jar is missing dtd, tld and chain 
>> config files
>>    * [STR-2867] - Dependency problems in faces-example2 sample app
>> (using Tiles)
>>    * [STR-2870] - The Specification-Title in the jar file manifests
>> is corrupted
>>    * [STR-2872] - Section "4.3.3 Map-backed ActionForms" of User's
>> Manual contains a dead link
>>    * [STR-2871] - Rename the release notes so that the filename
>> contains a single period
>> Known issues in 1.3.4:
>>  * struts-faces-example2 deploys but the links do not work
>> Once you have had a chance to review this test build, please respond
>> with a vote on its quality:
>> [ ] Alpha
>> [ ] Beta
>> [ ] General Availability (GA)
>> We welcome votes from all community members, however, only the votes
>> of Struts PMC members are binding.
>> My vote is for GA quality.  I've had 1.3 in production for eight
>> months with no problems, and I believe we've resolved all of the
>> packaging issues discovered since converting to Maven 2 and
>> reorganizing the project.
>> -- 
>> Wendy Smoak
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