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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: What's the goal of SAF 2.0? (was Public API first draft )
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 19:58:07 GMT
Cool :)  That jives with what has been said in the past, I just wanted, 
as a current SAF1 user, to make sure that message didn't get lost.


Jason Carreira wrote:
> Right, this is very important, but it's always been planned that there would be a migration
kit + some effort to migrate an existing Struts 1.x app to SAF 2.0, but we've always planned
for that.
> It was always assumed until recently that WebWork users would find it very simple to
move to SAF 2.x and would quickly form a community around SAF 2.0. If the API is going to
be very different, the migration path for WebWork users is going to be much more difficult
and many (most) won't immediately jump over, so there won't be an immediate community using
SAF 2.0 in production systems. It would also mean we should re-open WebWork's CVS, etc. for
continued work to support the users (like me) who can't make this big a jump immediately and
still need bug fixes, etc in the meantime.
>> Although you don't mention it here, I think it's
>> always been kind of 
>> implied... still, I'd like to see it explicitly
>> stated, and that is, 
>> what about existing Struts users?  Will they have a
>> migration path (and 
>> what is it?), or not?  The same kind of question your
>> asking for Webwork 
>> users in other words.
>> Maybe I'm wrong, but I find it hard to believe the
>> migration for 
>> existing Webwork users could ever be more difficult
>> than for existing 
>> Struts users.  So, I think it's a fair point to
>> raise.
>> Frank
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