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From Don Brown <>
Subject Re: [action2] Public API first draft
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 16:17:51 GMT
It isn't about using Cocoon or "building another version of it", but rather 
learning from others design choices and consequences.  I see Struts Action 2 as 
a chance to quit "competing" and start "collaborating".  Merging with WebWork 
was the first important step, but equally important was Tim from Stripes joining 
the design discussion, and IMO, finding a way to leverage other project's 
experiences including Cocoon.

The point isn't that we should do whatever Cocoon did, but there is value in 
learning from how they tackled a similar problem.  In the end, we may go with a 
new abstraction layer, but it is still important to make that decision fully 


Jason Carreira wrote:
>> Jason Carreira wrote:
>> Either way, I highly recommend reading the two
>> threads linked to by this 
>> Cocoon vote to use the servlet classes directly:
>> 1132.html
>> The cocoon folks are very smart and have been
>> tackling this problem for 
>> years.  They had their own Environment abstraction
>> meant to support 
>> servlets and portlets, but also command line
>> executions.  If they think 
>> it is better to switch, I think we should take that
>> very seriously.
>> Don
> No offense to the cocoon people, but I don't give a crap what they decided. This isn't
some far reaching and complicated philosophical thing. It's how do we deal with two parallel
and very similar concepts in a common way while still allowing you to get to the native API
if you really really need to. That seems pretty clear to me, as does the implied solution.
> If we just do what everyone else has done, we'll end up with what everyone else has.
No offense, but I have no desire to use Cocoon, nor to build another version of it.
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