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From Jason Carreira <>
Subject Re: DWR/Struts integration: why? (Re: JavaOne Ajax Discussion)
Date Mon, 29 May 2006 08:01:49 GMT
> Ted and Jason, I did see your messages about
> AroundInterceptor and 
> Result correspondingly... right now, in the interest
> of simply getting 
> it working, I'm just doing a simple AroundInterceptor
> using before() and 
> after(), one interceptor for XML and one for JSON
> (although as I just 
> wrote that it dawned on me that that probably won't
> work because mixing 
> XML and JSON probably won't work... might have to
> combine them and allow 
> configuration... I'll see...)
> I read up on Restults a bit yesterday, and I can
> certainly see why you'd 
> say that Jason... this still feels to me like
> something that should 
> really be just an interceptor though... but, the code
> is at this point 
> generic enough that moving it or putting it in a
> different form 
> shouldn't be a big deal, so that can be decided
> later... lemme just get 
> it all working first :)
> Frank

The problem you're having composing the JSON and XML is because the output should be a result.
Interceptors don't produce content, that's orthogonal to their usage. Results are all about
generating output. What would happen if I configured an Action with the JSON interceptor to
read the incoming request and produce output, but also configured the action to have a JSP
page as the Result? They can't BOTH write to the output stream.
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