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From Patrick Lightbody <>
Subject [action2] Free HostedQA account available
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 15:41:53 GMT
My company, Autoriginate (, has donated a free HostedQA account
to all Struts developers who request one. The account is available at
Just speak up if you want an account and I'll set you up.

So what does this get us? I've already checked in to the showcase webapp pom.xml the integration
needed to test on HostedQA's servers. Simply doing the following within the showcase dir:

mvn '-Demail=...' '-Dpassword=...' -Phostedqa package

Will result in the showcase war being uploaded to, deployed, and then
tested on Tomcat running on FireFox. Right now there aren't many tests, but anyone with an
account can go add more at any time. We can also expand the testing configurations to include
IE, Resin, and JBoss (more coming soon).

I hope that once we get past the incubation phase and have a continuous integration server
set up, we can have real in-browser tests running every night on a variety of platforms. This
would ensure that our taglibs are working on all app servers and our AJAX code is working
on all browsers - both common pitfalls we've had for a long time.

So if you want to be able to write some tests or play them back, just speak up and I'll get
you an account.
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