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From Jason Carreira <>
Subject XWork 2, JDK 1.5
Date Sun, 21 May 2006 09:56:57 GMT
So on the plane home I was able to get some work done. Well, first I had to set up lots of
libraries for the extras and showcase modules, since maven didn't set them up, but then I
got some work done. (BTW, can we get that fixed, along with the problems downloading libraries?)

So anyway, I did a lot of refactoring to make the ConfigurationManager in XWork not use statics,
and just have a static reference to a ConfigurationManager in another class that should be
easier to refactor later. I also, in the process, started making XWork and the uses of it
use 1.5 features, especially generics and the enhanced for loop. It all builds and the tests
pass in IDEA.

Unfortunately, when building with Maven, I get this (among many errors):

for-each l
oops are not supported in -source 1.3
(try -source 1.5 to enable for-each loops)
            for (ConfigurationProvider provider : configurationProviders) {

I tried to look at the pom.xml files to see where 1.3 is specified, but I didn't see it right

Anyway, I think we should branch XWork now for 2.0, set it to depend on JDK 1.5, and we should
make SAF2 use the XWork 2.0 snapshots. If / when we get that set up I've got a bunch of stuff
to check in to start on the new / improved XWork.
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