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From "Don Brown" <>
Subject [ANN] Announcing the Struts Action 2 Project
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 18:46:44 GMT
The Apache Struts project and the members of the OpenSymphony WebWork
2 project are coming together to create the next-generation
action-based web application framework, Struts Action 2. Since the
merger announcement, the WebWork 2.2.2 code has successfully passed
the Apache Incubator to seed the new Struts Action 2 project.

WebWork was initially created by Rickard Oberg to improve on the ideas
and functionality of the Jakarta Struts framework. (Now known as the
Apache Struts Action framework.) Since then, the WebWork community has
continued to extend and refine the framework's capabilities through a
long series of releases, the latest of which, 2.2, brings advanced
Ajax, templating, and Java 5 capabilities to its solid WebWork 2
foundation. While, to date, the WebWork and Struts Action codebases
have overlapped, recent movements to bring consolidation to the web
framework landscape have inspired both communities to work together.

Apache Struts has recently reorganized its codebase into two
subprojects, Shale and Action, as separate but equal web frameworks.
Struts Shale serves the nascent JSF community, while Struts Action
serves the established JSP/action-based community.

Let me be the first to welcome our new Struts committers - Alexandru
Popescu, Rene Gielen, Rainer Hermanns, Toby Jee, and Ian Roughley -
and I extend the invitation to all to join this new project and help
make Struts Action 2 a resounding success!



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