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From Jason Carreira <>
Subject Re: [action2] Leveraging known constructs (was Public API first draft)
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 09:40:55 GMT
> Don Brown wrote:
> > re-education of developers.  I want Struts Action
> Framework 2 to be seen 
> > as easy and powerful, not just from a feature
> standpoint, but also 
> > migration, education, and "conceptual space" one.
> I was talking to Eric on the ww dev chat, and he
> brought up a good point that 
> resonated with me: we should be leveraging more
> known, common constructs in 
> developing this API.

Known to whom?

> For example, the Messages object, rather than
> leverage the familiar Log 
> interface we all use every day.  Messages are
> collected, much like logging 
> messages and their levels are similar.  Therefore,
> we'd have:
> msgs.warn("some.warn.key");
> msgs.error("some.error.key");

This conflicts with what you said about making the WebWork app conversion time hours, since
this would be a massive change touching nearly every action.... Well, a lot of them, anyway
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