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From "Daniel Warner" <>
Subject Re: Proposal for change
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:50:59 GMT
Please forgive me for feeding the trolls and wasting bandwidth.  I
know, it makes me no better than they are and this apology is
meaningless since I am going to keep doing it for a little while. 
....but they are just such cute little trolls with those adorable
nicknames and tiny perspectives!  Seriously, how can you expect anyone
to resist those?! :)

Besides, it is a slow morning for me, and I do not feel like just
lurking as usual. :)  I will understand if you all think less of me
for this utterly juvenile email.  I think less of me too.  Today is
not a good self-control day. :(

On 4/27/06, Dakota Jack <> wrote:
> People do not do "work" around here because it is not rewarded.
> The people who are rewarded are political.  Then they do the work and the
> work looks like coding by politicians.

Congratulations, that is the stupidest thing I have heard all week! 
You should be rewarded for being so political!  Or did you not know
that playing the opposition means you are a politician too?

> I can remember going into the
> file upload section and seeing one of the worst messes I have ever
> seen in an open source project.  There are hanging references and
> other monstrosities that I had only seen community college class
> assignments prior to looking at Struts code.  I could not even discuss
> the code much less have any hope of helping, because the committers
> use this for their work and are not amenable to good code but rather
> to code that advances their careers.

Then why are you here?  Why do you care if not because you love the
politics?  Admit it, you are just jealous that you are not on the
Struts PMC.  Come on, a little self-awareness will not hurt.  I

> If you think that Jonathan or I have nothing to contribute, you are
> sadly mistaken.

Awesome!  I love being called "sadly mistaken".  That is so witty and
eloquent!  Now if only i could be called that by a truly famous troll
like Mr. Revusky (there's a little ego stroke for you, JR), my life
would be complete.

But anyway, it is nice of you to "read my mind" and all, but all I was
trying to communicate was that Jonathan and myself had not done any of
the work around here.  I did not say anything about you or anyone's
ability to contribute. (Though I think it is cute that you wanted to
be in on the action. :)

> We are quite aware of the nature of this beast.  You
> really need to pay attention to what is going on.  There is nothing
> like a meritocracy around here.

(In unworthy imitation of the inimitable Bill Cosby)  ......right.

> How do you think that Struts 1.x
> managed to become a plate of spaghetti after such a fine start?

Well, I do not think that.  I know that seems odd to you, but I
actually lurk on this list because I think Struts 1.x was a decently
constructed ham and cheese sandwich.  I am also excited to see it
turning into a delicious BLT with the introduction of WebWork as SAF

> Mertiocracy does not mean just work, by the way.  It means work with
> merit.  This not sold as a "docracy" or "actcracy".

This is the second stupidest thing I have heard all week.  Thank you
for sharing!

> Get a clue.

A clue?  Like the board game?  I love board games!  Would you like to
play a game of "Sorry"?  CandyLand is fun too.

Daniel Warner,
lead time waster and troll feeder
(for today only, I promise I will go back to lurking tomorrow!)

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