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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Standalone Tiles as TLP
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 12:56:07 GMT
Lately, we've gotten into the habit of talking about Standalone Tiles
as if it were already an Apache Struts subproject. As far as I
remember, there has never been a vote to that effect, and the only
proposal on the wiki positions Tiles as a top-level project, once it
is ready to stand on its own.


IMHO, once Standalone Tiles is ready for a release, we should migrate
the component to a top-level ASF project. When we started this
process, the original intent was to decompose Tiles here, test it in 
Action and Shale, and then move it out when it was ready to stand on
its own.

If anything will make Apache Struts an "umbrella", it would be keeping
Tiles here, rather than proposing it as a top-level project.
Standalone Tiles is *not* an application framework. Tiles is a
*component" that can be used by any web application, just like
Validator and BeanUtils and everything else we extracted into
"standalone" versions.

Of course, another alternative would be to propose Tiles as Commons
component or Jakarta subproject. Albeit, I feel that Tiles falls
somewhere between a component and a framework, and that Tiles is rich
enough to warrant its own top-level project.



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