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From Don Brown <>
Subject Re: [action2] Switching to Dojo widgets
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 16:36:11 GMT
Ian Roughley wrote:
> Ok, I'll be more specific :)  The tags that you use in JSP are directly 
> available to other view technologies (freemarker and velocity) due to a 
> common underlying component model.  To make this possible they have 
> their own MVC design - using a freemarker template as the view.
> So you can use any ajax library that you want.  But if you create a new 
> UI theme via templates, I think you are better encapsulating the logic.  
> SAF/WW is by no means dojo specific, but dojo was the first ajax theme 
> implemented, and it looks like the default out of the box.

Ok, that's the theory, but in practice, different toolkits have widgets that support different
parameters.  Currently, 
we have a Component class, which has getters/setters for its parameters.  Should this class
have accessors for every 
possible parameter?

Take, for example, the date picker widget.  I just switched Action 2 to Dojo's Date picker.
 Unfortunately, it has very 
few parameters and supports no localization, however, the component class has a bunch of parameters,
all supported by 
the old jscalendar Javascript library.  Do I remove all the unsupported component class parameters
and someone let users 
know they won't work, or do I replace them with parameters supported by the new date picker?


> /Ian
> netsql wrote:
>> Struts 1.x was "view independent".
>> Is SAF2 (pronounced "SafeTy"? ;-) ) be dojo specific? Like I could not 
>> use Tibet w/out fighting the "tags"?
>> (or JDNC once they figure that out.)
>> .V
>> ps: very exciting to have Ajax built in!!!!!!!!
>> Ian Roughley wrote:
>>> This is where my knowledge of dojo falls short, perhaps Martin can 
>>> assist.
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