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From Jason Carreira <>
Subject Re: XWork and Struts Action 2.0
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 09:35:57 GMT
> Bob Lee wrote:
> > Also, how do the tags relate to JSTL? Are we just
> going to ignore
> > JSTL? Or are we going to use JSTL for JSP with some
> WebWork-specific
> > extensions and the WebWork tags for other template
> engines?
> I personally prefer the latter option.  Struts has
> always tried to work well with standards, and JSTL
> should be no 
> exception.  I guess the question is whether the
> overlap tags will be deleted or just deprecated.  I'm
> fine with deleted.

Well, the problem is, the webwork tags aren't 1-to-1 mappings with JSTL tags. It usually takes
several JSTL tags to do what one WebWork tag does. I'd personally never want to  use JSTL
because it's too verbose and too much work.

Also, what about backward compatibility for WebWork users? 

> > Are we going to continue using OGNL, or are we
> going to use JSP EL?
> This is a good, yet complicated question that has
> seen much discussion lately.  The bottom line is
> there are features in 
> OGNL that we can't live without: type conversions,
> projection, and method calls to name a few.  If we
> can somehow either 
> a) extend the JSP EL to support these features or b)
> implement OGNL behind the JSP EL API's, I see a
> future in closer 
> collaboration.  From what I understand, both are
> possible, just waiting for someone to step up and do
> the work.

Did we ever hear back on the expression language JSR that was going to be submitted? If OGNL
could just implement a standard API and be a drop-in replacement for JSP EL that would be
great, not just for us, but for everyone using JSP who wants a better EL.
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