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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Struts Wiki] Update of "RoughSpots" by Eric Molitor
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 17:02:33 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by Eric Molitor:

      * [jcarreira] Very nice idea... +1 ... We already do something like that. There's always
a default TextProvider pushed onto the bottom of the stack for getting default texts... makes
localized texts work with Sitemesh, for instance, when you're not hitting an action. Of course,
that will be a problem when we're not using ThreadLocals. 
+   1. Extends support on actions in xml (Configuration Inheritance). Occasionally I want
to utilize an existing action but only change one parameter. It would be nice to do something
as simple as.{{{<action name="addPerson" class="com.opensymphony.webwork.showcase.person.AddPerson"
+    <interceptor-ref name="validationStack"/>
+    <param name="dataSource">people</param>
+    <result>showPerson.jsp</result>
+    <result name="input">addPerson.jsp</result>
+    <result name="error">errorOnAddPerson.jsp</result>
+    <result type="redirect">login.action</result>
+ </action>
+ <action name="xmlAddPerson" extends="addPerson">
+    <result name="input">xmlAddPerson.jsp</result>
+ </action>}}}I'd prefer using this approach instead of having the xmlAction chain to
  == What JDK Version? ==
    * [jcarreira] We've been using JDK 1.5 on Tomcat 5+ for over a year... Everything we write
and wire together is using generics and annotations.

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