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From Gabe <>
Subject Re: XWork and Struts Action 2.0
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 00:29:46 GMT

That it is used in other places isn't necessarily a reason not to move it over. Webwork as
a whole, for example, is being used in far more places than XWork alone, yet we have decided
to move that over. 

What I would propose if we did move it over would be to keep the relationship between XWork
and Webwork the way it is now but under the Struts Action Framework 2 umbrella (call it for
example Struts 2 core and Struts 2 web). Thus, those projects that currently use XWork would
simply depend on Struts 2 core rather than XWork. If we are able to move over the user base
successfully, those XWork dependent projects would benefit as well from the increase of the
user base that knows XWork, like it and want to extend its functionality. (A more solid Springwork
might emerge for example). 

It would be easier to define documentation if they were both under a Struts umbrella as well.
For example, A "webwork action" never really made sense, but a "struts action" since both
would be divisions of struts would.

It's telling that the lion's share of code related issues we've discussed so far about Struts
2 on this list (Annotation driven actions, pluggability of expression language, use of "dev
mode", etc., etc.) are really issues that should be brought to the XWork project and aren't
really within the scope of what the Webwork project was. Thus,  if we don't move over XWork,
an important task would be to redefine that relationship.

Now, the last time I wrote a message like this, i was told to get the XWork developers involved,
so I think I will go do that now. ;-)


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From: Jason Carreira <>
Sent: Monday, April 17, 2006 4:37:59 PM
Subject: Re: XWork and Struts Action 2.0

-1 to moving it over. XWork is not just part of WebWork, it's used other places. 

You're more than welcome to help do the cleanup in XWork for a 2.0 release.
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