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From Hermod Opstvedt <>
Subject SV: [shale] Maven 2 build (was Re: [action1] Which webapp dtds to include in struts-core.jar?)
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 17:02:34 GMT

Wise move - Maven 2 is much preferred for many reasons. However there might
be some pitfalls with respect to dependencies - Their availability is so and
so for now, but getting better every day.


-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: [] På vegne av Craig
Sendt: 15. april 2006 17:35
Til: Struts Developers List
Emne: Re: [shale] Maven 2 build (was Re: [action1] Which webapp dtds to
include in struts-core.jar?)

On 4/15/06, Wendy Smoak <> wrote:
> On 4/14/06, Craig McClanahan <> wrote:
> > Separately, I'm ready (gulp!) to start moving Shale towards Maven2, and
> it's
> > recommended soure directory organizations ... as long as you
> > have-a-clue-about-Maven gurus promise to stand by my side and help :-).
> Of course. :)
> > I
> > had a question about the "resources" directories in the organization
> > recommended by Maven.  Does that include resource bundles for
> localization
> > (which are normally placed somewhere in the "src/java" hierarchy
> currently),
> > or is it just for "configuration" files?
> Maven's recommended directory structure is src/main/java for .java
> files, and src/main/resources for everything else.  With that, no
> configuration is necessary.
> If you prefer to keep .properties files in with the source code, it
> takes some <resource> sections in the pom to get them included in the
> jar.  Example:
> > It shouldn't be too hard to remodel the existing organization and update
> the
> > relevant Ant build.xml files, as a move towards forwards compatibility
> with
> > the recommended structure.
> ...
> > But it makes a lot of sense to
> > migrate the internal organization of the Shale source repositories now,
> to
> > make the ultimate conversion easier.  Anyone else who wants to help in
> this
> > is, of course, welcome to have at it.
> The major change is splitting core-library into multiple modules, one per
> jar.

Which is the reason I've been resisting so far ... :-)

I'll want to experiment with ways to get combined javadocs out of these
artifacts (although probably two sets ... I got a suggestion to split the
APIs that are interesting to application developers from the "internal" APIs
for those extending the framework, and would like to produce two sets of
javadocs with their appropriate packages.

Are you planning to keep the Ant build after Maven 2 is in place?

Ideally, no ... it's hard enough to keep one build environment in sync with
reality.  But we'll probably need some user feedback before decomissioning
the Ant scripts.

> Wendy


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