+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Bugzilla Bug ID | | +---------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New ASS=Assigned | | | OPN=Reopened VER=Verified (Skipped Closed/Resolved) | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Severity: BLK=Blocker CRI=Critical MAJ=Major | | | | MIN=Minor NOR=Normal ENH=Enhancement | | | | +-------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | | Date Posted | | | | | +--------------------------------------------------+ | | | | | Description | | | | | | | | 5739|Opn|Enh|2002-01-08|Struts fails silently in too many places | | 5937|New|Enh|2002-01-21|[taglib] html:form trims all extensions | | 6847|New|Enh|2002-03-04|Multiple file upload not possible due to MultiPart| | 7902|Opn|Enh|2002-04-10|The exception handling declaration in the DTD does| | 8240|Ver|Min|2002-04-18|Data-Source configuration in examples is outdated | | 9088|Opn|Enh|2002-05-15|FormTag.getActionMappingURL() assumes 1 servlet ma| | 9616|New|Enh|2002-06-05|Some more Struts docs | | 9748|New|Enh|2002-06-10|[taglib] attribute labelKeyProperty for Options ta| |10550|New|Enh|2002-07-08|Delegate path-management to ActionForwards | |10552|New|Enh|2002-07-08|create helper objects in struts-config | |10867|Opn|Enh|2002-07-16|[taglib] Add indexedProperty attribute in html tag| |11154|Opn|Enh|2002-07-25|[taglib] html:link tag extension for multiple para| |11733|Opn|Enh|2002-08-15|Make error keys more specific | |12170|Opn|Enh|2002-08-29|Added functionality when extending another definit| |12301|Opn|Enh|2002-09-04|[taglib] nested:messages Tag does not work as expe| |12600|New|Enh|2002-09-12|[taglib] html:form tag always prepends context pat| |13125|Opn|Enh|2002-09-30|[taglib] Lack of character-set while using forwardPattern should support differe| |16708|New|Enh|2003-02-03|I18N on ActionForwards | |16764|Opn|Enh|2003-02-04|No inheritance of html:html xhtml="true" in includ| |16792|Ass|Enh|2003-02-05|Migrate to commons-resources for message resources| |16814|New|Enh|2003-02-05|Add a generalized utililty class to expose informa| |16946|Opn|Enh|2003-02-10|SwitchAction not setting context properly for tile| |16971|New|Enh|2003-02-11|[taglib] "multiple" attribute on select tag should| |17368|Opn|Enh|2003-02-25|[taglib] multiple does not populate | |17449|New|Enh|2003-02-26|[taglib] Allow relative URL in action attribute of| |17473|New|Enh|2003-02-27|[taglib] Problem to include a jsp into an iterate | |17530|New|Enh|2003-02-28|RequestUtils.computeURL should use the session ass| |17559|New|Enh|2003-03-01|[tiles] key attribute for tiles (put & item) | |17600|New|Enh|2003-03-03|[taglib] key property for html:optionsCollection t| |17698|Opn|Enh|2003-03-05|The value(key) form name pattern doesn't work with| |18015|Opn|Enh|2003-03-14|[taglib] New custom tag to write form| |18017|Opn|Enh|2003-03-14|[tiles] extends fails in JSP-based Definitions | |18022|New|Enh|2003-03-14|HttpSessionBindingListener.valueUnbound() called o| |18032|Opn|Enh|2003-03-16|[taglib] tag appending session doesn't | |18194|Opn|Enh|2003-03-20|[resources] Enhance MessageResources to enable sev| |18237|Opn|Enh|2003-03-21|[tiles] excessive memory usage | |18293|New|Enh|2003-03-24|Loading language files does not use Resource Bundl| |18788|New|Enh|2003-04-07|Multiple input hook for multipage forms in process| |18981|New|Enh|2003-04-13|[upload] File upload maximum size validator | |19346|New|Enh|2003-04-26|Errors and Messages should be easier to manage | |19539|New|Enh|2003-05-02|Add checks for List and Map-backed properties in D| |19631|New|Enh|2003-05-04|Enhancements to RequestUtils tests | |19812|New|Enh|2003-05-10|[taglib] BaseFieldTag don't use ConvertUtils as St| |19903|New|Enh|2003-05-13|Field considered valid if no ActionError created | |19925|New|Enh|2003-05-14|Server side solution for DispatchAction and : Make value optional when id| |21508|New|Enh|2003-07-11|[tiles] element too restrictive | |21512|New|Enh|2003-07-11|exception tag's path attribute accepts only web re| |21514|New|Enh|2003-07-11|[taglib] html:form focus function could be more po| |21517|New|Enh|2003-07-11|[tiles] definition's put tag works in non-standard| |21575|New|Enh|2003-07-14|RequestProcessor : Populating non-String Bean fiel| |21624|Opn|Enh|2003-07-15|Extend TokenProcessor to handle a list of transact| |21679|Opn|Enh|2003-07-17|Map-backed ActionForms - multiple select - object | |21792|New|Enh|2003-07-22|[scaffold] issues with actions | |21820|New|Enh|2003-07-23|[tiles] Change of scope for tiles | |21896|New|Enh|2003-07-25|DefinitionDispatcherAction does not recegnize anc| |21992|Opn|Enh|2003-07-30|Localized number formatting inconsistency | |22004|New|Enh|2003-07-30|MalformedURLException: You must specify exactly on| |22145|New|Enh|2003-08-05|[validator] page attribute in the Validation Confi| |22267|New|Enh|2003-08-09|Allow anonymous/default ActionForwards | |22284|New|Enh|2003-08-10|[taglib] Add title to | |22357|Opn|Min|2003-08-12|isCancelled does not work as intended if ActionMap| |22497|New|Enh|2003-08-18|Add write() method or change method accessibility | |22519|Opn|Enh|2003-08-18|Allow multiple MessageResources files to be loaded| |22633|New|Enh|2003-08-21|[upload] Document how to use web.xml "maxFileSize"| |22700|New|Enh|2003-08-25|[taglib] Add check for nonexistent form field in f| |22743|New|Enh|2003-08-27|A JSTL EL Validator rule would make a lot of sense| |22830|New|Enh|2003-08-30|[tiles] TilesUtilImpl.doInclude() that tkes a page| |22846|New|Enh|2003-08-31|get rid of extra attributes of plugin-config | |22864|New|Enh|2003-09-01|LookupDispatchAction and DispatchAction getMethodN| |22878|New|Enh|2003-09-02|LookupDispatchAction throws NullPointerException d| |22912|New|Enh|2003-09-03|ActionMessages.getSortedProperties() needed | |22929|New|Enh|2003-09-04|DynaActionForm properties get initialized twice. | |22935|Opn|Enh|2003-09-04|[taglib] "Cannot find bean * in scope null" ==> i| |22991|New|Enh|2003-09-08|[taglib] Add format and formatKey attributes to ht| |23104|New|Enh|2003-09-11|ConditionalForwardAction | |23142|New|Enh|2003-09-12|pre-page method in Action | |23152|New|Enh|2003-09-13|[tiles] Remove support for deprecated Template-Lib| |23351|New|Enh|2003-09-23|[validator] Nice to have: current index in validwh| |23391|New|Enh|2003-09-24|[scaffold] RelayAction: allow defined relay parame| |23456|New|Enh|2003-09-27|[tiles] Add "action" attribute to tiles definition| |23457|New|Enh|2003-09-27|Add "action" attribute to | |23465|New|Enh|2003-09-28|"indexed" form data cannot be parsed by a struts D| |23605|New|Enh|2003-10-03|Add prefix servlet mapping support for modules | |23827|New|Enh|2003-10-15|[taglib] Make Nested-EL tags | |24043|New|Enh|2003-10-23|[taglib] html:checkbox should warn if it finds a n| |24077|New|Enh|2003-10-23|[taglib] Add support to emit HTML