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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: WebWork renaming strategy *revised*
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2006 17:51:44 GMT
Paul Benedict wrote:
>>>cry that they are so innocent and all (such wonderful 
>>>people) but surely there is some agenda in wanting to excise "webwork" 
>>>and "ww" from all the code, isn't there?
> Isn't the purpose of this to excise the webwork name? 

Well, at the marketing level, maybe. That this necessarily translates to 
excising the string "webwork" from all the package names is less 
obvious. As an outside observer, I see no need to systematically remove 
the string "webwork" from everywhere as if it were a curse word.

Also, my understanding was that Struts is now an "umbrella" and that the 
gain was from being under that umbrella. I don't see how this requires 
the string "webwork" or "ww" to be excised from everywhere, down to the 
nth level of package names -- in particular, once the package names 
start with org.apache.struts.

It would more imply excising the string "opensymphony" from everywhere 
-- which is a step that I find completely understandable, since 
opensymphony is an umbrella and webwork is moving from that umbrella 
over to this one.

> I thought
> it was. Why else would you want to become "Struts 2.0" if not
> for the name?

Well, there is no "Struts 2.0" really. At least that's my understanding 
of the official line now. Struts is an umbrella. You have Struts Action 
and Struts Shale.

> I don't see this renaming as a slam against the heritage,
> but this entire process doesn't make any sense unless you're specficially
> wanting to be rebranded as Struts.

Well, my guess is that the motivation of the Webwork people for this was 
to *gain* the Apache/Struts name, not particularly to *lose* the Webwork 
name. If Apache/Struts is now an umbrella, that implies replacing  the 
string "OpenSymphony" rather than the "Webwork" string.

Jonathan Revusky
lead developer, FreeMarker project,
FreeMarker group blog,

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