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From Gabe <>
Subject [Struts Ti] XWork?
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2006 21:49:24 GMT

Hi! I don't think I have posted to this list yet. I am Gabe, XWork/Webwork developer. Now
that I see that discussions are starting about the merger I wanted to bring up an issue that
I brought up on the WW boards that was tabled for just this moment (or after incubation?)

The issue is whether XWork should be moved over with Webwork to Apache and be merged as part
of Struts Ti. I am in favor of XWork being merged with Webwork and it all being part of Struts
Ti, where perhaps there are two jar files and two package roots, say strutsti.web and strutsti.core,
for example.

My reasons are the following:

1) Most of the "meat" of developing a "webwork" application really revolves around the XWork
classes: ActionSupport, Interceptor, AroundInterceptor, the converter classes, ObjectTypeDeterminer
etc. Also, the equivalent in webwork for struts-config.xml is xwork-config.xml. Webwork itself,
as I understand it, is mostly the view technologies and plugging in XWork for the web.

2) Documentation - Currently, Webwork and XWork documentation are already very much intermingled.
Because of reason #1, if you look at Webwork documentation it includes all the information
of how to use the XWork classes, because that is a very important part of developing a WW
application. This has worked in the past, because people working on one project are usually
working on the other, meaning that it is easy for the documentation can be easily used across
projects. I would think if the two were at seperate organizations, then it would make that

3) That XWork is not specfically Web would help Struts Ti. The larger market of struts than
webwork had will mean that people might be encouraged to write serious interfaces to other
view technologies such as Swing. That you could write such an app that could have the different
views would be a good selling point for Struts Ti to have.

4) Further evidence that XWork and Webwork are intermingled and should really stay together
is that that there is only one webwork message board, none for XWork, as XWork questions are
generally answered in the Webwork message board.

I'm sure I could come up with more reasons, but this is a good start to this discussion. 


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